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Pliskovers are the descendants of the shtetl of Pliskov. Located in the Ukraine, not far from Kiev, Pliskov was a small Jewish village of several hundred people. By the time of World War I, Pliskov, like so many other Jewish European villages, was vacated. By the time of World War II, most residents were massacred in pogroms.

Many of the villagers moved to America to escape the Czar's pogroms. Of those that made the trek across the Atlantic, a good number settled in the Pittsburgh area.

In 1908, the Pliskover Free Loan Association was formed as an organization with the express purpose of helping a compatriot in distress. The Association offered interest-free loans to members in need, for whatever the reason.

In 1917, the Pliskovers spent $750 to purchase a small tract of land in Coraopolis to serve as their own private cemetery. The people then officially formed the Pliskover Cemetery Association.

In the early part of the 20th century, the Pliskovers served as a support group, of people with a common background. They held social affairs, helped finance each others' businesses in time of need, and, of course, consoled one another in times of mourning.

Today, the Pliskovers are still going strong. Pliskovers are now spread out across the country, but are still headquartered in Pittsburgh. A membership of about 200 supports the upkeep and maintenance of the cemetery, a newsletter, some annual social events, and even a scholarship endowment. Board meetings take place every month at the Imperial House in Squirrel Hill.

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